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I found that the blog posts were the most helpful and gave you a bit more room to think about what you were doing, going to say in essays or presentations etc. I tried to keep my tone reasonably light and humorous to keep people interested in what I was discussing. My topics seemed to vary on what we had talked about in the workshop, to perhaps things going on in my other modules and elements of design for blogs etc. I definitely found the blog an area to vent out some ideas that perhaps would not have fitted into the academic essay. I must have come up with four or five possible essays ideas however the one I did in the end was the one I was most happy with. Without the blog I'm not as sure I would have thought of the final website design I came up with. I wish I had had more time to comment on other peoples blogs as there were quite a few on mine, although in the early part of the module I think I left a few notes on other peoples sites. I did try to look at other people's blogs at least once a week. Twitter on the other had was a bit more restrictive, possibly because I had not used it particularly before. It was more of an online conversation which was interesting to see what was occurring in other peoples academic lives. It reminded me of Instant Messenger, which I think is still going but perhaps has been surpassed by Twitter and Skype. Perhaps if I had had a better smart phone I may have found more opportunities to add to the conversation. I do not think we used Studynet at all for conversations online apart from putting up our initial blog sites. I have seen conversations on Studynet in other modules, however with the blog site and Twitter feed I think it just was not necessary.  

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  1. That's great - I agree with all of that (especially re Twitter and Studynet) Tim