Friday, 3 February 2012

My First Post

Have finally managed to get round to sorting out a blog for the Digital Histories course and was hoping to have a juicy piece of information however it looks like the issue has been resolved in the intermittent year or so since I discovered this. When Internet Explorer 9 first came out I discovered a glitch in older websites whereby I would do a search in an archive in IE9 and no results would show up. However, when I did the same search in Firefox, low and behold I would get results. Just wondered if anyone else had come across this kind of problem with different browsers or strange results? Keep your wits about you, I'm sure if you look for something like incendiaries or fires in the eighteenth century at the Norfolk Archive site (admittedly as stated previously this problem has been fixed and the site revamped) something should show up rather than nothing?

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