Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Critique & Other Stuff!

Hi, have been busy like everyone else I suppose with dissertation and essays - the Critique of a website is now up. Go to the left hand side of this blog and there should be a Pages gadget, click on Critique and it should take you to another page with the text and images on it. Have also handed in hard copy today just in case the paperwork gremlins get their knickers in a twist?! I am also having trouble with the images, I've tried different files and sizes but am forced to conclude that it's something to do with Blogger and the way it compresses files. The ones I'm uploading are fine on my computer, why do they look bad once I've uploaded them to my blog? Some homework for me for next week!? Any way have found the following site in my travels, its a bit macabre as its figures for capital punishment but interesting nonetheless - I didn't know you could be hanged for Uttering (?!) in the nineteenth century;

Apparently something to do with knowingly passing a forged document to obtain money/defraud someone. Not as worrying as it sounds... 

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  1. The table for public executions is interesting. I suppose uttering could have referred to blasphemy or swearing! I need to look that up! There were a lot of young people on the list. A good percentage of them were probably innocent anyway.
    The critique of the Newspaper Archive was concise yet detailed. I had trouble fitting all the info about mine into the word count!