Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Embedding HTML what now!?

Hope everyone is having a great time ploughing through their dissertation's and essay's - I know I am! ;0) Anyway, enough of the sarcasm and onto this weeks featured topic which is embedding code into your blog. Now this may sound a bit complicated however it does look effective and doesn't require you to know a lot about Dreamweaver or HTML etc to get it to work (in theory at least!). I think most blog sites have what is called a widget which will allow you to post HTML code for objects into a space on your blog. Now why would you wish to do this I hear you ask? Well many sites like Flickr, YouTube and Google Maps have an option for you to 'nick' or grab their code and use it in your website or blog. This is usually located under a share option, for arguments sake I'll use YouTube which has a share button under the video screen. Once you click on this, you are given the option to copy a link to the page you are on however you need to press the embed button which will give you the HTML code you will need to copy (See Below).

If you have already opened a widget which allows you to paste the copied code into, bonus points for you. If not, do that now and then copy the code that you need as it's very important to copy all of the code and paste it into the box provided by the widget. I think Blogger allows you to give your object a title and you just press save and there's your video, slide show or map etc embedded into your blog! The same process was used for the slide show below (although I had to upload the images first). I believe Wordpress has a similar option, called 'Text' which does pretty much the same thing. You can also change the size of the object by changing the frame width and height values, although sometimes there are two sets of these at the beginning and near the end of the code just to confuse you! If you are a little more adventurous you can paste this code without a widget directly into your blog post under the HTML option but you have to be very careful where you place your cursor (it must be in the right place, even I get this wrong sometimes!). But experiment with what you can do, if it goes very wrong you can always undo or delete and start again.

Why would you wish to do this I also possibly hear you ask? Well, it looks kind of cool but also if you think about it if you re-direct someone to another site (like YouTube) they will probably stop looking at your blog and start watching video's about dancing cats or something else!?

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